July 2020

Coronavirus Survey Results

The concerns about COVID-19 are not going away anytime soon. We must adapt. How we communicate and operate will determine if our businesses succeed.


The environment around the coronavirus pandemic is clearly one of great concern; it is not, however, one of panic.  

About one in five consumers continue to view themselves as being in meltdown mode or close to it. At the same time, the proportion of consumers who feel they are in a good place is up from the levels recorded in April.

Employment Impact

Just over half of the households report changes at work.

More than half of households in the Carolinas report experiencing changes at work ranging from minor changes like working from home to more serious changes like having someone in the household become furloughed or losing a job altogether.


Eager to get back to their old routines, but embracing parts of the new normal, consumers are more comfortable getting back to some routines than others.

Consumers believe that masks prevent the spread of coronavirus, but many are ready to stop wearing them routinely. Consumers want to go out to eat, but they are also practicing social distancing. In the short term, many are reluctant to attend concerts or plays, college/professional sporting events and even religious services. Further, most say it will be at least three months before they feel comfortable shaking hands or hugging when greeting someone.

Making Customers Feel Safe

Businesses can take steps to make consumers feel more safe.

Consumers are ready to get back to their old routines and ways of doing things, but they also don’t want to get sick. To this end, consumers say they are more likely to visit an establishment that is taking precautions like providing hand sanitizer, ensuring customers are properly distanced, explaining the steps they are taking to ensure safety and having employees wear face masks.


A slight majority of consumers are not confident they will be able to take a summer vacation.

The coronavirus pandemic is having a tremendous impact on tourism and travel. A majority of consumers are not confident they will be able to take a summer vacation. Among those with some level of confidence that they will take a summer vacation, nearly one in five say they will stay in state due to the coronavirus. Many consumers are ready for travel by car but not yet comfortable with travel by air.

Businesses Taking Stances

Consumers are divided when it comes to businesses taking stances on social injustice.

Nearly a third of consumers say they are more likely to support companies that make a statement about police violence and racial injustice. About one in four, however, say they are less likely to support a company that makes such a statement. A third say such a statement would have no impact with the balance saying they aren’t sure what impact such a statement would have on their perception of a company.

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