Whether it’s employment, education, grocery shopping, summer vacation plans – or all of the above – people’s lives have been upended in countless ways by the coronavirus pandemic. We are socially distancing, wearing masks in public, and making daily decisions about keeping ourselves and our families safe. The impact the coronavirus will have on the economy is unlike anything we have ever seen.

In the past, when a hurricane or flood impacted one part of our state, people from other areas of the state – or even the country – raced in to help. The coronavirus outbreak is different. It is affecting everyone, everywhere. There are no Immediate solutions, and every path forward raises new questions we never could have imagined.

Our series of consumer insight studies gives a snapshot of the impact the coronavirus has had on the lives of North Carolina and South Carolina’s consumers to date. It provides insight into how consumers have modified their behaviors in the short term and Illustrates how some of these behaviors might continue in the mid- to longer-term.

The study also serves as a benchmark to help businesses measure changes as the situation and environment continue to develop. In the coming months, we will update our study, revisit past topics and add new ones.

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